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In these testimonials, you'll find a mosaic of personal journeys, each one a testament to the transformative power of our martial arts programs. From dramatic physical changes to profound boosts in confidence and resilience, our students' stories vividly showcase the benefits of training with us. These narratives are just a glimpse into the supportive and empowering community we've built. For an even broader perspective, we encourage you to view our reviews on Google, where more members of our NME Martial Arts family share their experiences and achievements.

I’ve known Kru Dennis Hall for many years, first as a student, then as an employee who worked as an instructor. He’s an excellent Muay Thai instructor, MMA coach and Fight Team coach. He’s a certified instructor with the World Thai Boxing Association and has traveled to Thailand several times to study Muay Thai. If you’re looking to train in Muay Thai, I highly recommend that you check out Kru Dennis.

Daniel Sullivan Former Instructor – Manila, Phillippine Islands
“When I made the decision to return to martial arts training after a long hiatus, I was apprehensive. ‘Would I be able to keep up? Am I going to look stupid for trying? Is it going to be completely different from what I remember?’ Fortunately for me, the first classes I attended were with Coach Dennis. He immediately made me feel comfortable in class by highlighting the strengths I came in with and motivating me to push past my uncertainties. Training under Coach Dennis was essential to my progress. His classes are always energetic, insightful, and fun.”
Patricia Garcia-Baughman Accountant – Orange, CA
“I’ve trained with Coach Dennis for 3 years and throughout that time I’ve been able to learn a lot about myself. Having been a beginner in Muay Thai, my first day of class introduced me to a brand new discipline which required me to learn how to use my body in a completely different way than I was used to. Over time, I was able to see significant progress in my abilities. Through my training, I was able to gain confidence, learn to be patient, and develop skills that could potentially save my life in the future. Overall, I felt good about myself and training improved many different facets of my life. Picking up a martial art can be scary and difficult but it was made easy with Coach Dennis’ teaching ability, humor, and genuine love for the martial arts.”

Andrew Ghorbani Medical Benefit Auditor – Irvine, CA
“I began training Muay Thai with Kru Dennis in 2012 after having spent many years training in Karate. There were a number of different instructors to choose from, but after having experienced class under the other instructors it was clear to me that Kru Dennis was who I wanted to learn from. Under his instruction I was able to reach a number of personal goals, including weight loss (over 50 lbs), competing in Muay Thai fights, improving my ability to teach others, and rising to instructor rank through his leadership. On a more spiritual level, Kru Dennis helped me find some internal peace during a few turbulent times in my life, and he helped me feel like I was part of a family through his dedication to my training. I can say without a doubt that the amount of happiness in my life increased by an exponential amount while training.”
Drew Walker Registered Nurse – Costa Mesa, CA
“Learning Muay Thai is fun! I started out doing kickboxing because it was a form of exercise I really enjoyed, and did not have plans to try other forms of martial arts. However, Coach Dennis was very motivating and really helped me develop a strong desire to learn more and excel. So I began other martial arts classes such as Muay Thai. I was quickly able to learn about the different types of kicks and punches, how to defend them, how to hold pads, and how to spar properly. It was always exciting to see my accomplishments at the end of every month during testing. I was really able to show all that I had learned to the coaches and myself. Coach Dennis constantly made sure to create an encouraging environment that made you want to improve your skills.”

Michelle McSkane Medical Student – Costa Mesa, CA
“Kickboxing class with Coach Dennis was the beginning of my passion for strength. I easily fell in love with the idea that I (with no prior athletic background) can feel strong and confident! Training helped me overcome any ideas of “I can’t.” I developed a strong sense of empowerment, dedication, and determination. It encouraged a journey into competitive bodybuilding, CrossFit and now canoe paddling. Coach Dennis required the best out of us, so I will continue to hold that expectation! Coach Dennis’s passion has helped many and will continue to help people grow- some mentally, some physically. We all need that one person to inspire our best- I hope he keeps doing what he is doing.”

Roxie Zendejas Fitness Competitor – Kona Hawaii

“I trained with Coach Dennis Hall for 2 years (between 4-5 times per week), and during that time I was able to improve my Muay Thai and kickboxing skills tremendously. Prior to this I had been training for one year, and at the time I am writing this I have trained for a total of 6 years and have had a number of different instructors, none of which even come close to Coach Dennis!

Coach Dennis would provide individual attention to each student no matter the size of the class. He even knows the names of all of his students! He was careful to emphasize correct form to prevent injury which I do not always see with other instructors. He has great energy and enthusiasm during his classes and it helped motivate me to push myself. The combinations were challenging but also practical, and his classes were never the same so I didn’t get bored. He also offered ways to modify for different levels, so it didn’t matter if you were beginner or advanced, everyone could get a great workout. I enjoyed his classes so much I would go out of my way to be there when he was teaching and even stay for back to back sessions on Saturday!

I worked with Coach Dennis for one-on-one sessions a few times as well, and he provided very helpful and clear instruction while also giving me a challenging workout. I would still be training with Coach Dennis now if it weren’t for having to move away for work.”

Dr. Lauren Marshall-Lemieux Medical Doctor – Huntington Beach, CA

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